What is The Importance of Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

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When you plan to buy a new property, you get to hear a lot about the importance of pest and building inspections. If you are clueless about the need of getting this pre-purchase inspection done, this blog will help you understand the core details.

A pre-purchase building inspection is just like a test drive. It assures you whether the property you are going to buy is worth your money.

It is surprising how some people forget to book a pre-purchase building inspection, or, worse, go without inspection for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars. Maybe it seems like one of the boring tasks of buying a property, but believe us, it is no less than a godsend. By assessing the shortcomings of property, you can save your thousands of dollars. And, more importantly, you can ensure the safety of your family.

Here, we have mentioned the points why pre purchase building inspection in Sydney is important. Let’s guide you.

Possible defect detection

The one major thing building inspectors can help you with is identifying the possible defects. A building inspection report reflects all the possible structural flaws and defects in a property. The report usually comments on two types of defects- major and minor defects to help you make an informed choice.

Each state has different guidelines for the things to include in a pre-purchase building inspection. Below is a breakdown of what most guidelines include:

  • Structural issues overview

As some of the structural issues need major construction work to get repaired, and if not repaired can collapse and cause injuries.

A building must follow the building codes and standards of the state. It means, if you purchase any property that does not follow these standards, it will be your responsibility to bear the cost and bring the building up to code.

  • Electrical wiring and smoke alarm tests

No one wants to have their house on fire.

Any faults in electrical wiring directly increase the electrocution and fire risk. If there are only a few smoke alarms, it increases the possibility of injury or death in the fire or electrical accident. A pre-purchase building inspection report will let you know if the building has either of these problems.

Building renovation approval

Another necessity for undergoing pre-purchase house inspections is to determine if there is any alteration or repair work that requires building approval.

Some of the building defects might be a safety issue. Such issues can be very costly to rectify; it is required to seek approval for its alterations, significant modifications; so that you can make it safe and eligible for approval by removing the unapproved works.

Identification of potentially unsafe areas

Through pre-purchase building inspection, you will also get to know about the unsafe areas of the home. For example, it might reveal the presence of any dangerous materials such as asbestos, or spot the missing of balustrades and cracks in walls. With the awareness of such hazards, you can make an informed decision on purchasing that residential/commercial property.

Sundry structure inspection

The building inspector not only does the eagle eye inspection of a building but also covers the sundry structures such as sheds and patios.

The building regulations dictate the guidelines on building sundry structures. So, purchasing a building that does not follow any of these regulations means you need to demolish or dismantle one of these structures. It will be worse if their existence was a major reason behind your making the purchase decision of property. So, call experts to get accurate information about the property.

Necessary repair insights

While a pre-purchase building inspection, you will find out exactly what is required to bring the building to your desired condition. You can ask for relevant quotes from the builders and repair companies; in short, you will have a comprehensive budget for overall repairs.

It is great to book pre-purchase house inspections as it helps you plan towards crucial repairs. Usually, the minor defects can seem to be a minute repair work. However, a professional pre-purchase building inspector will determine and uncover the hidden huge repair cost and risk behind a small defect. You will be shocked to see the report a licensed building inspector generates.

These are just some of the major reasons why it is vital to get pre purchase inspection in Sydney done, no matter if you are buying a new building or old.

Before you invest in any property, make sure to carry out a proper pre-purchase inspection to ensure complete peace of mind. Contact Doric Property Inspections to arrange your pre-purchase building inspection and pest inspection in Sydney report. We have years of experience and expertise in the industry – book an inspection today!

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