Beginners Tips of Playing Golf

Golf Lessons

Golf is the game of legends. Men and women with exceptional skills and playing spirit hit the course with their unusual strokes.

Every pro golfer, before brushing up their game, embarked with the basic golf etiquette. It is a set of protocols that builds the base of the players.

Entering the game course may seem intimidating for the first time. But, with the fundamental Dos and Don’ts set in your mind, you can nail it Down in the venture.

Let’s Get Started with Golf

  • Do: Respect the game. From rules to the dress code, follow every instruction.
  • Don’t: Bother about people watching you. You won’t get judged while trying.
  • Do: Begin on a practice range instead of a golf course. Go with the flow without any pressure.
  • Don’t: Let your spouse coach you. It will only invite frustrations and hatred for your game.
  • Do: Approach a professional golf instructor or a pro player to help you set a strong foundation. Start with making a firm swing.
  • Don’t: Get fooled by anyone pretending to be a coach. It will spoil your game as a beginner.

Move to the Basic Swing

  • Do: Master how to grip the golf club and then bend over from the hips.
  • Don’t: Stick your head Down through impact. Let it follow the swing.
  • Do: Observe the positions of other golfers. Make sure no one’s standing in harm’s way.
  • Don’t: Take much time to hit the ball unless you haven’t practised it for several times.
  • Do: Make your lead shoulder reside under the chin and the face, chest, and hips in front of the target.
  • Don’t: Go for long irons and shots, driver, and fairway woods.
  • Do: Chipping and the short game should be your focus as a beginner.
  • Don’t: Hesitate to buy your own golf equipment to bring consistency in your game.

Off to the Golf Course

  • Do: Enter the course only when you’re absolutely ready to swing the ball in the air.
  • Don’t: Waste time of other golfers if you still haven’t practised for the course.
  • Do: Remember when it is your turn to hit the ball. Keep away from letting people wait for your shot.
  • Don’t: Keep people waiting for you to search for your ball. You might mess up with your partner’s game.
  • Do: Use a poker, chip-sized marker to mark your ball.
  • Don’t: Enlarge the mark on your ball.
  • Do: Join other groups as well to enhance your social connections.
  • Don’t: Over socialise. Picking someone else’s ball can ruin their game unintentionally.
  • Do: Fix the basic rules of playing golf in your mind. Mark the scorecard when you get to the next tee.
  • Don’t: Run for your scorecard on the green. You would prevent them from hitting their approach shots.

The Final Thoughts

  • Do: Ask your friend to accompany you in practice. They might help in knowing other golfers better.
  • Don’t: Don’t pressurise your juniors. Keep them engaged and interested.
  • Do: Focus on a consistent swing, to gain traction in the game.
  • Don’t: Skip anything while learning. You need to understand the game beforehand.
  • Do: Always picturise the best shots in your mind and learn from the bad ones. Develop a sportsman spirit.
  • Don’t: Lose your temper at your lousy game. Encourage yourselves for the best in the future.

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