Commercial Property Inspection – Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

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Investing in commercial property is a crucial decision. You are spending your hard-earned income to pay for the property.

Don’t you think you must be cautious while making the final deal? Commercial properties can even trap you under cheap costs initially and then hold you on spending for future repairs. This is why getting commercial building inspections is essential before finalising the contract.

The primary concern is, what to scan in a commercial property inspection. When you have the right inspector hired, they will ensure to check every corner of the building. But you must be ready on your part.

Four things to look for in a commercial property inspection

1.  Start with the five principal systems

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning/Ventilation are the five primary segments of a commercial property. Inspect if these systems are working efficiently without causing any disturbance. If not, try to find out whether they are repairable. You need to calculate the approximate cost of repairing them. Also, for thorough Building inspection, don’t forget to check fire alarms, building alarms, and other safety systems while you examine these units.

2.  Move on to the exterior

Not just the outer walls, a building’s exterior also includes the structural aspects, landscapes, and roofs. You have to be sure that the building’s structure is sound, and there are no foundation damages. Professional inspectors can consult with roofers to examine the roofing, highlighting all the repairs. Even the well-painted walls of your house can hide cracks and damps under them. While you may not notice such areas at first glance, an expert contractor could never avoid them.

3.  Get back to the interior

Your interior may be keeping many things from your sight. Water and gas leaks, interior walls cracks, raised flooring, incomplete bathrooms, and kitchen spaces can add on to your expenses if not seen carefully. Over time ignoring these concerns can lead to hazards and health risks.

Checking the interior includes a code inspection of the internal spaces. After noting all the details, you will get your list of repairable items in the building.

4.  Ask for official work

Do not just blindly trust your home seller and pay for the building. Go through the building’s documentation carefully.

Check building plans, floor plans, citations, evacuation plans, fire safety system records, appraisals, surveys, certificates of occupancy, maintenance records, and construction permits. Reviewing these documents thoroughly can help you find the real cost of buying commercial property. Any discrepancies in the paperwork can be a sign of significant monetary loss from your side.

Hire an independent building inspector Sydney

Guarantee your most prominent investment to be a profitable one. Get in touch with an independent building inspector Sydney to avail fair and trusted commercial property inspection. A local operator knows the exact condition of the properties in the town! You will get the right report in your hands.

At Doric Property Inspections, we cater to you with unbiased and undeniable commercial property inspection services. Contact us to ensure the best pre-purchase inspection of your dream commercial establishment.

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