Renovation or Knock Down and Rebuild – Which Way to Go?

Knocking down and rebuilding a house from scratch can be both time-taking and daunting. You might be scared of things going another way round. There are high chances of knockdown project homes in Sydney going wrong, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it.

As per experts, knocking down and rebuilding is a more suitable option than renovating an old property. It can save you a considerable sum of money, as well as help you own a brand-new, modern home that matches your lifestyle. However, you still need to be sure of a lot of things before making the final decision. Here are the important factors which you should consider before deciding to knock down.

Deciding Factors to Consider

  • Weigh Up The Costs

If you are thinking about planning an extensive renovation with a lot of changes, it’s advisable to start it from scratch. It will take you less money to build a brand new single-story home than renovating it as per your needs.

Furthermore, another benefit of knocking down and rebuilding is that you can customise it as per your requirements. A lot of Western Sydney builders customise everything from the kitchen to the number of windows in the living room and so forth. This will help you create a nice and comfortable living space of your dreams.

  • Consider the Age of The Home

Gone are the days when houses were built with a character. Today, you won’t get to see the architecture and techniques in modern homes. Hence, if you are a vintage person or someone who loves the character of old houses, renovating is a better idea. You can renovate the building with timber floors or decorative ceilings rather than knocking it down.

According to project home builders, it will cost you more but it will also preserve the history which will stand out from the rest of the homes on the block.

  • Market Conditions

Knocking and rebuilding is a good idea in locations where vacant land is scarce as there are lesser chances of overcapitalisation. For instance, areas close to the city or beach.


If you are not sure about the risk of overcapitalisation, try getting some advice from a local real estate agent for a clear picture.

  • Consider the Block

Some blocks are difficult to build. For example, knocking down and rebuilding is cheaper on a flat block than a sloping block. Also, you will have to negotiate with boundary setbacks or vegetation, or local laws.

To your knowledge, every council has a different set of planning laws. Hence, you will need to contact them before getting into the designing plans. Furthermore, you can get in touch with a qualified builder and show them the block you are working with. That’s how you can get the best deal.

  • Can You Renovate?

Lastly, can you take the hassle of renovating? Whether you are working full time or living with your family, you need to ask yourself if you can let builders live for a prolonged period in your house. Are you ready for the disruption?

Do your homework and decide.

If you want a little help from expert builders, you can contact the team of Simone Homes here. Our expert team will help you assess the condition of your property, understand your expectations and then give you a strategic home building solution.

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