A Regular Day at Joey’s Cottage!

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Playing, reading, eating, interaction and engagement with the surrounding world is what children need.

At Joey’s Cottage, a long-day child care Moorebank, we design schedules and space to support effective routines for children. Our programs are created to prepare kids for further schooling years in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our childcare schedule is flexible but we make sure it meets children’s need for routine and play. Let’s learn about a regular day at Joey’s cottage!

Opening of Joey’s cottage

A regular day at Joey’s cottage starts at 7:00 am. On arrival, parents have to sign and place their child’s belongings into their allotted locker. Parents can also engage themselves in the activities with their children for a while to settle them and bid a pleasant goodbye.

Healthy and tasty breakfast

It is breakfast time from 7:15 am to 7:45 am. Usually, cereals and toast are provided in breakfast (in a progressive manner, so that children can have breakfast according to their needs).

Group learnings

At 8:50 am, children gather in their room and get started with their routine, greeting each other formally. There they learn the daily calendar and the two new focus letters of the week.

Tea time

At 9:05 am, children gather at the table to have their tea and snacks. There is a 6-week rotating menu for tea time.

Language and early literacy development

At 9:30 am, a language and literacy program is scheduled. This program is a key part of our preschool Moorebank routine. Through involvement in groups, children develop a strong sense of community. This program focuses on teaching language and early literacy development. It develops language skills: vocabulary, self-expression, and understanding of children.

Outdoor group time

We have an outdoor group activity time at 10:00 am. We prepare an outdoor environment for children’s interest in their daily outdoor activities. We change the outdoor setup daily with rotating activities as per the development needs of children.

Munch & move

At 10:35 am, a healthy eating and physical activity program, ‘Munch & Move’ is conducted. This program aims to encourage children for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Indoor group time

At 11:00 am, we gather indoors to continue with the activities related to writing, art and craft.

Show and Tell

At 11:50 am, we gather children for our unique ‘Show and Tell’ program. This program aims to build the confidence of children, develop their communication and language skills, and promote engagement with peers.


At noon, children gather and have homemade lunch. Our professional cook prepares healthy and hygienic food for children. We include a variety of foods on our menu so that children can learn and discuss the food of different cultures. We encourage them for healthy eating. We also encourage them to learn practical life and develop fine motor skills.

Rest time

At our childcare Warwick Farm, we take care of children’s rest also. After lunch at 12:40 pm, children take a rest on their floor bed.

Quiet activities

After taking some rest or children who do not need day sleep participate in some quiet activities like puzzles, colouring, and storytelling and reading.

Science and numeracy

At 2:00 pm, we start with our group activities of science and numeracy. We organize some educational games in this program to encourage children to learn hypothesis, making predictions, problem-solving and exploring mathematical concepts.

Afternoon tea

2:30 pm is afternoon tea time. We serve fruit, rice crackers, vegetable sticks, yoghurt or other healthy snacks during the tea break.

Show and Tell

2:45 pm is again the time for our ‘Show and Tell’ program.

Music and movement

During this time we make children engage in music and movement activities which promote creativity and fundamental movement skills.

Outdoor play

At 3:10 pm, we gather children in our outdoor area for an hour. We promote them to participate in gross motor games, small gardening activities, dramatic play, and sandpit play.

Indoor projects

Moving towards the end of the day, we again get the children into the classroom and indulge them on their ongoing indoor construction, drawing and puzzles project.

Afternoon snack

At 4:45 pm, we provide children with healthy and light snacks.

Closing of Joey’s Cottage

It is time to wind up childcare Chipping Norton! After 6 p.m. we bid goodbye to children with their parents.

It is our Joey’s Cottage routine on a regular day. It is designed to make children learn through fun. Connect with us today to know more!


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